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Urban Design

Broader Tyger Valley Framework Bellville,

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

CLIENT: City of Cape Town, Spatial Planning & Urban Design

The Broader Tyger Valley Urban Design Framework (BTV UDF) aims to enhance the vibrant Tyger Valley node and guide future development within the area. Tyger Valley is a strategically-located center that over the years has developed into a vibrant commercial node, and which is due to expand significantly with the redevelopment of several key sites in the area.


Traditionally development has occurred in an ad hoc manner with little planning oversight or direction. In order to ensure that the full potential of the area is realised it has been identified that an urban design framework with development guidelines is needed to direct and guide the nature of future development.

The vision informing the BTV UDF is the result of a participative process, between relevant stakeholders, landowners and City officials. As part of the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre expansion process, a set of workshops and meetings with relevant stakeholders, landowners and City officials were held to collectively define a vision for the role and nature of the future Tyger Valley Node.

The urban design framework proposes the creation of a high-density, mixed-use urban node interwoven with high quality open spaces along its river system. It is envisaged as a civic centre, offering a range of unique spaces, public activities, entertainment and urban living in the northern suburbs. Further to this the framework proposes a node that is a convenient and safe place to live and work for a range of users.

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