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Urban Design

Founders Garden Precinct Central City,

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

COMPLETION DATE: Ongoing (2012)
CLIENT: Department of Transport and Public Works

The Founders Garden Precinct is part of a portfolio of properties with which the Cape Town Central City Regeneration Programme (CTCCRP) of the Western Cape Government (WCG) aims to achieve the transformation of their holdings to mixed-use, safe, pedestrian-orientated spaces, whilst unlocking commercial development opportunities and catalytic properties of the precinct.

The property is the site of the existing Founders Garden in the Foreshore area of Cape Town’s city centre. The precinct is made up of two parcels of land, which includes the Artscape Theatre Complex and the Founders garden site, with a total combined area of 42,182m2. The development concept envisages a mixed-use development that will activate the Foreshore area and be a catalyst for regeneration.

CTS’s role is to define the urban design intent and associated controls that should guide changes in the built fabric to achieve the best possible public outcomes with respect to the quality and character of the public environment. This will be informed by a common vision of the role and character of the precinct.

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