City Think Space is a specialist urban design, city planning, urban strategy and project packaging consultancy in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide innovative, creative and sustainable solutions for the urban development arena based on the principles and application of integrated, sustainable development. Our aim is to make a positive, design led contribution to the transformation, regeneration and rebuilding of Africa’s cities, towns and villages.


Spatial Planning

Clermont-Kwadabeka Clermont-Kwadabeka, eThekweni Municipality,

Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

COMPLETION DATE: November 2010
CLIENT: Economic Development Unit, eThekweni Municipality

This cross-disciplinary project involved the preparation of a long-term development framework for the Clermont-KwaDabeka Area and set the strategic direction for more detailed precinct planning and the identification of priority actions area planning.

The first phase of the project generated various sector status quo studies and culminated with a report, which provides broad direction for the regeneration of Clermont-KwaDabeka and guides both public and private investment.

The second phase of the development framework identified and described key interventions. CTS prepared the spatial analysis, development framework and spatial interventions as well as preparing the diagrams and maps. CTS worked in collaboration with SSI [Durban] who led the project.

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