City Think Space is a specialist urban design, city planning, urban strategy and project packaging consultancy in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide innovative, creative and sustainable solutions for the urban development arena based on the principles and application of integrated, sustainable development. Our aim is to make a positive, design led contribution to the transformation, regeneration and rebuilding of Africa’s cities, towns and villages.


Urban Design

Kings Road Precinct Sea Point,

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

COMPLETION DATE: November 2011
CLIENT: Provincial Government of the Western Cape Department of Transport & Public Works

The Kings Road Precinct is part of a portfolio of properties with which the Cape Town Central City Regeneration Programme (CTCCRP) of the Provincial Government of the Western Cape (PGWC) aims to achieve the transformation of their holdings to mixed-use, safe, sheltered and pedestrian-friendly zones, and to unlock commercial development opportunities.

CTS provided a report that outlines the desired form and characteristics sought in the redevelopment of the Kings Road Precinct in relation to the CTCCRP objectives and principles, and provides an urban design assessment of the site. Together, these provide an urban design concept and guidelines that set out the parameters for development in the precinct. These are illustrated in a development scenario that features all the elements of the concept and meets all the criteria of the urban design guidelines,  and also tests the floor space yields possible on the site.

The report sets out the procedural land rights implications of development in the precinct to provide prospective developers with information on applicable development parameters and processes. This covers the legislative context, applicable legislation, and the implications of the current and future zoning schemes. 

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