City Think Space is a specialist urban design, city planning, urban strategy and project packaging consultancy in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide innovative, creative and sustainable solutions for the urban development arena based on the principles and application of integrated, sustainable development. Our aim is to make a positive, design led contribution to the transformation, regeneration and rebuilding of Africa’s cities, towns and villages.


Spatial Planning

Integrated Sustainable Development Plan for Kokstad & Franklin Greater Kokstad Local Municipality,

Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, South Africa

CLIENT: GKM Local Municipality and the DBSA

The Project: The Integrated Sustainable Development Plan is a long-term plan that aims to think more broadly and holistically about Kokstad and Franklin’s development and provide visionary direction for the next 25 years. These strategic objectives are formulated within a sustainability framework that brings together the complex issues of environmental limits (planetary boundaries) and an adequate social foundation (meeting basic human needs). The strategic objectives and plans of the ISDP will integrate existing plans (SDFs, LED strategies, housing plans, etc.) into a coherent plan that guides the sustainable development of Kokstad and Franklin into the future.

In addition to overall team leadership, CTS is also responsible for the spatial planning, urban design, LED and NMT concepts for the project.   

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