City Think Space is a specialist urban design, city planning, urban strategy and project packaging consultancy in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide innovative, creative and sustainable solutions for the urban development arena based on the principles and application of integrated, sustainable development. Our aim is to make a positive, design led contribution to the transformation, regeneration and rebuilding of Africa’s cities, towns and villages.


Urban Design

National Station Precinct Development Programme Woodstock and Salt River,

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

CLIENT: Crowie Projects

Intersite seeks to exploit and develop PRASA’s assets through partnerships with private developers; an example of this is the current National Station Precinct Development Programme which aims to develop 25 stations in partnership with various private entities.

CTS has been appointed by Crowie Projects to work as part of a team to complete the zoning and planning required for the Woodstock and Esplanade Stations Precinct, and the Salt River Station Precinct, in Cape Town. This will be followed by detailed design, costing and final feasibility. CTS’ chief contribution will be an urban design framework for each precinct which ensures that the developments contribute positively to their local context, build on existing frameworks and spatial development plans for the area, make better use of under-utilised land and increase the quality and safety of the station environment.

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