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Urban Design

Prestwich Precinct Green Point,

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

CLIENT: Western Cape Government, Department of Transport and Public Works

The Provincial Government owns several contiguous properties in or adjacent to Prestwich Street in Green Point, Cape Town. This precinct is part of a portfolio of properties with which the Cape Town Central City Regeneration Programme (CTCCRP) of the Western Cape Government (WCG) aims to achieve the transformation of their holdings to mixed-use, safe and pedestrian-friendly zones, which will as a result also unlock their under-utilised commercial development opportunities.

The Prestwich Precinct comprises of four properties, totalling 26 933m2. The Salesian Institute, Soils Laboratory Buildings and Alfred Street Office Building – accommodating the regional police headquarters, medical stores and library services – are currently located within the precinct.  The various properties are zoned mixed-use with differing sub- categories and development on some of the properties will require approvals from Heritage Western Cape (HWC) and the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA).

The purpose of this report is to provide a vision for the future redevelopment of the Prestwich Precinct, illustrate the development potential of the area which is currently very degraded and provide the relevant development parameters for the Alfred Street office building. These parameters should be used as a reference when drafting the terms of appointment for other professional teams working on the detailed planning processes for the site as well as for compiling and considering proposals for the redevelopment of the building.

The urban design concept illustrates the key characteristics that should feature in all redevelopment proposals. The concept for the site is a contextually sensitive, mixed-use development which celebrates its central and convenient location, makes strong connections to the local context, sensitively responds to the heritage resources on the site and promotes the development of a high quality public environment on its edges.

A more detailed development scenario is also provided for the Alfred Street office building. This features all the elements of the concept, meets all the criteria of the urban design guidelines and generates a total floor space figure of 33 360m2.

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