City Think Space is a specialist urban design, city planning, urban strategy and project packaging company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide innovative, design-led and sustainable solutions for urban development policies, frameworks and projects. Our approach is based on the principles and application of integrated and sustainable development. Our goal is to make a positive contribution to the transformation, regeneration and rebuilding of Africa’s cities, towns and villages.

What We Do

Our focus and expertise

We are a specialist design-led practice that delivers a full range of services for urban design, spatial planning and development projects for both the public and private sector- that includes design, strategy, policy, project co-ordination and packaging services.


City Think Space provides the following services for urban design, spatial planning and development related projects:

  • City vision and growth strategies
  • Spatial development frameworks
  • Urban design frameworks
  • Urban design for public space, housing, public transport, street design, urban renewal & regeneration and urban growth management projects
  • Urban design guidelines
  • Spatial planning & urban design policy research and drafting
  • Urban design project packaging including institutional and procedural issues
  • Interdisciplinary team coordination for design and development frameworks and projects
  • Development potential assessments



Our approach and philosophy


At City Think Space we take an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to all our urban design and spatial planning projects.  We have an established reputation for working effectively in multi-disciplinary projects, both as project coordinators as well as providing the spatial planning and urban design components of transport, housing and environmental frameworks and projects. The company is founded on a strong professional understanding of the public and private sector issues influencing urban development. We have proven project leadership abilities, a track record for producing innovative and imaginative design solutions and for successful, sustainable, high quality project outcomes. Our strong design ethos and ability to work at a range of scales and complexities drive us to:

  • Provide a holistic perspective
  • Work to achieve high quality public environments
  • Ensure that projects, policies and strategies achieve benefits for the broader society while fully meeting our clients aims
  • Facilitate and achieve integrated and interdisciplinary work
  • Advance sustainable and ethical project approaches, processes and outcomes
  • Always committing to achieving excellence and to be leaders in our field